Pledged to End All Racial Categorization of Humans Now!

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

Dismantle the mental and social structures that support the illusion of race.

End the racial categorization of humans now.

End Race Now!

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Stay with us. Let’s keep up the fight to deracialize the United States of America and the world. One hope. One people. One love. End the racial categorization of humans.

End Race Now!

Media Watch End Race

End Race monitors the language news organizations and social media deploy to discuss ethnic origin and ethnic identity. This Facebook exchange is an example of a process employed to confront a source of racialized speech:

Witnessed by Dharma AddictNovember 5 at 11:11pm


Discover the source behind the race speech

Directly under this post Dharma Addict witnessed:

Kev ChoiceNovember 9 at 1:09pm

Kev Choice via Dave ‘Davey D’ Cook: I’m deeply saddenned, angry, and disturbed by this verdict….WHERE IS THE JUSTICE!?

Research the topic. Use Wikipedia. It’s easy, open to everyone and well documented.

Example Research: BART Police shooting of Oscar Grant

Oscar Grant

The Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Police shooting of Oscar Grant refers to the fatal shooting of unarmed civilian Oscar Grant by BART Officer Johannes Mehserle in Oakland, California, United States, in the early morning hours of New Year’s Day 2009. Responding to reports of a fight on a crowded Bay Area Rapid Transit train returning from San Francisco. BART Police officers detained Oscar Grant and several other passengers on the platform at the Fruitvale BART Station. Officer Johannes Mehserle and another officer were restraining Grant, who was prostrate and allegedly resisting arrest. Officer Mehserle stood, drew his gun and shot Grant once in the back. Grant was unarmed. During his court testimony, Mehserle said that Grant then exclaimed, “You shot me!” Grant was pronounced dead the next morning at Highland Hospital in Oakland.

The events were captured on multiple digital video and cell phone cameras. The footage was disseminated to media outlets and to various websites, where it was watched hundreds of thousands of times. The following days saw both peaceful and violent protests.

The shooting has been variously labeled an involuntary manslaughter and a summary execution. On January 13, Alameda County prosecutors charged Mehserle with murder for the shooting. He resigned his position and pleaded not guilty. The trial began on June 10, 2010. Michael Rains, Mehserle’s criminal defense attorney, has claimed Mehserle intended to fire his Taser, but mistakenly shot Grant with a pistol when he thought Grant was reaching for a gun. Pretrial filings argue that his client did not commit first-degree murder and asked a Los Angeles judge to instruct the jury to limit its deliberations to either second-degree murder or acquittal.

Johannes Mehserle

On November 5, 2010 Mehserle was sentenced to two years, minus time served. He will be eligible for release after around a year.

This is merely a summation. Readers are encouraged to read the entire article if interested to know the full story.

Respond directly to the source and participants:

Dharma Addict sent this message to Davey D and Kev Choice:

Example response sent by Dharma Addict – – November 8 at 8:27pm

I’m deeply troubled by your public response to the Grant-Mehserle case. Please look beyond your passions in the cause of peace and think before you speak next time. You can do so much good and bring so many people together. Why further the cause of race? Race is merely a socio-political construct. We are but one race: The Human Race. Dismantle the mental and social constructs drive oppression. End Race. If we don’t, who will? End Race Now!

Davey D’ responded:

Dave ‘Davey D’ CookNovember 9 at 1:09pm

What are u talking about fam? Speak before I think? A white officer that belonged to a group of kids called Nazi Boys shot an unarmed Black man.. and got off on a light sentence.. Are u defending this or pushing your own agenda at the expense of a brutal slaying..

Staying focused on the issue. Avoid personal concerns. Request more information:

Dharma Addict November 10 at 6:29pm

Interesting… I can’t seem to find any mention of this Nazi Boys shooting or Mehserle’s connection to a group called the Nazi Boy or any information on any particular group called the Nazi Boys for that matter anywhere on the World Wide Web. None of my searches turned up anything like the story you are telling. Where did you get your information?

Davey D’ responded:

Dave ‘Davey D’ CookNovember 10 at 10:29pm Report

From his class mates.. It’ll be coming out soon.. u probably cant find kenneth currthers either even on the sites that initially ran story or Tony Pirone calling him nigger which was in transcripts during testamonies

Dharma Addict through research was familiar with the story of Tony Pirone calling Grant a ‘nigger’ and posted a link to the news article, acquired from the Reference section of the BART Police shooting of Oscar Grant article explaining the discrepancy.

End Race has issues with the Dharma Addict’s next action because the conversation ended unresolved.

Reflect understanding back to the source:

Dharma AddictNovember 10 at 11:41pm

So you are saying that the Oscar Grant killing is some sort of Nazi plot, a conspiracy by a bunch of rogue cops to continue a spree of killing begun in high school. That’s your story.

Besides the obvious mistake in punctuation “That’s your story?” The tone condescends. The conversation ends.

For the Dharma Addict: End Race suggests personal reflection for the Dharma Addict. Perhaps a deeper understanding and acceptance of his own issues and attitudes might help smooth the conversation. There seems to be some emotive qualities to this issues that are expressed implicitly. Perhaps deeper understanding of why the issue of race is so emotionally resonant for the Dharma Addict may help.

The Dharma Addict and Davey D'

For those who wish to continue Media Watch, End Race suggests a deep study of Non-Violent Communication.


Why is race on the U.S. Census?

Glen Robinson makes a great point here. If every color were a race, then we would get a new race every time someone bred with some of another skin tone. There is only one race: The Human Race.

This is a must listen to conversation on the origins of race with Christopher Lydon, American media personality and author, and Neil Irvin Painter at Open Source. That’s Neil Irvin Painter is the author of “The History of White People.”

How do we address social inequalities without race? We find some guidance in the last two minutes of this conversation when Christopher Lydon asks for some guidance.

“Well I think one thing we have to keep our eyes on is the injuries of class when class means poor, because there are so many injuries be they psychological or economic or physical.” says Painter. “We discover obesity is linked to income and wealth,” Painter adds. “And we discover that poor health has to do with where you live,” Painter says.
“Part of the DNA stuff was trying to trace down the genetic roots of illness and turns out that the class roots of illness are much more important; be they asthma or heart disease. So I would like us to pay much more attention to the class basis of discrimination or ill health or cutting off line of opportunity” Painter answers.

I recommend a through listening of this conversation with Neil Irvin Painter and Christopher Lydon at Open Source. That’s

“Edward James Olmos, on his authority as Admiral of the Battlestar Galactica, tells the assembled crowd at the United Nations there is no race but the human race. So say we all!”

I appreciate the enthusiasm of Mr. Olmos, but race is no race’s fault. The problem is that our visual senses are limited and can sometimes hide the truth. There is nothing about so called “racial characteristics”, such as skin tones, hair texture, etc… that indicates anything about the character, disposition, or intellectual capacity of the person observed. The concept of race, assuming the most benign reasoning, was a mistake of the intellect and senses.

Race is a socio-political construct kept alive by media and politics. Race is not an inherent human quality. The American Anthropological Association has issued a statement denying any scientific definition of the race. The U.S. government considers race self reported data. In the U.S. people define themselves as a racial category on the U.S. Census: black or white, Asian or Pacific Islander, etc. The U.S. Federal Office of Budget and Management defines the categories of race. The Federal Office of Budget and Management and the American Anthropological Association both state that race is a socio-political construct.

There is no race. It is time to align the political sciences with science. People made a mistake. The Earth is not flat either. Changing our thinking around that was a difficult adjustment to make too, but we made it. Correcting the illusion of race has its challenges as well, but they must be overcome; because the results of this particular mistake have been disastrous. The illusion of race is divisive, creating a mentality of isolation and scarcity. This mentality generates fear. That fear obscures solutions. The major issued plaguing our planet – economic upheaval, environmental degrading, wide-spread disease and starvation – are the reality that separation creates. We have plenty of resources and intelligence to prosper. Obscuring the facts of history with inaccurate emotionally charged language spells doom by disconnecting us from the truth of our shared existence. In the truth of our shared existence is the solution to all of our fears.

See a more human world. Get in touch with your breath. It takes practice, but the freedom is worth it. Breathe. Meditate. Dismantle the mental and social structures that drive oppression. End Race Now!

“None of the observable traits people associate with race are simple genetic traits. Complex traits are influenced by several genes as well as the environment” ~Jeffery C. Long, Geneticist

This is an incredible nuanced discussion on pigmentation. Using NASA satellite imagery of UV exposure on the Earth, Nina Jablonski breaks the illusion of skin color.

Take race off the 2020 U.S. Census. End Race Now!

Pledged to End the Racial Categorization of Humans Now!.