Pledged to End All Racial Categorization of Humans Now!

Why is race on the U.S. Census?

Glen Robinson makes a great point here. If every color were a race, then we would get a new race every time someone bred with some of another skin tone. There is only one race: The Human Race.


Comments on: "Get Race Off the 2020 U.S. Census" (1)

  1. Fantastic site and effort.
    There are others brewing online and offline, one is a group I moderate on facebook called Deracialization: The Liberation of America!/group.php?gid=32475335697

    USA also launched a series called Characters Unite (Specifically on deracialization) and famous US actor “The Rock” has been publishing lots of Deracialization on his fanpage on facebook.

    The atrocities that we commit and continue to commit onto other humans will never end, until we recognize our humanity and that we are all one big family and need one another.


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