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Get Race Off the 2020 U.S. Census

Why is race on the U.S. Census?

Glen Robinson makes a great point here. If every color were a race, then we would get a new race every time someone bred with some of another skin tone. There is only one race: The Human Race.


The History of White People – An Interview with Author Neil Irvin Painter

This is a must listen to conversation on the origins of race with Christopher Lydon, American media personality and author, and Neil Irvin Painter at Open Source. That’s Neil Irvin Painter is the author of “The History of White People.”

How do we address social inequalities without race? We find some guidance in the last two minutes of this conversation when Christopher Lydon asks for some guidance.

“Well I think one thing we have to keep our eyes on is the injuries of class when class means poor, because there are so many injuries be they psychological or economic or physical.” says Painter. “We discover obesity is linked to income and wealth,” Painter adds. “And we discover that poor health has to do with where you live,” Painter says.
“Part of the DNA stuff was trying to trace down the genetic roots of illness and turns out that the class roots of illness are much more important; be they asthma or heart disease. So I would like us to pay much more attention to the class basis of discrimination or ill health or cutting off line of opportunity” Painter answers.

I recommend a through listening of this conversation with Neil Irvin Painter and Christopher Lydon at Open Source. That’s